Wednesday, 22 August 2012

kittens!!!! :)

 Mo here!

Hey guys! We have a kittens! Not 1 but 2 !!! They are potty trained too! Both are girls and sisters,they like to play-fight, hide behind things, sleeping pretty much on top of each other, going outside and annoying our beautiful red setter Daisy (and I bet they have more hobbies than that when we are not around!).

There names are Bobo and Jangles (Becky and Gary named them).
She has a lot of patience. She is happy when you stroke her. Just like Jangles, she is a stripy black and silver tabby with big eyes that we call her 'Princess eyes'. Unlike Jangles, she doesn't mind being picked up and fussed over.
She is a bit wary of people fussing over her. She is really fast and adventurous, Becky says Jangles will be an amazing mouse hunter when she grows up!

They are only 10 weeks old but very independent and smart already! I love them very much!

by Moby!

Warrior cats

Warrior cats is a few series of books about cats who live in the forest. In the second series, THE NEW PROPHECY, Firestar, ThunderClan's leader, and his mate, Sandstorm, have had children. Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw are their children, and when Brambleclaw has a dream from StarClan, he is destined to journey with four other cats to the sea and meet 'Midnight' a mysterious new character!

When Squirrelpaw hears about this dream, she and Brambleclaw set off with warriors with other Clans to find 'Midnight'. The book is all about their journey, and is the first in the series. I think the book is full of action, vivid description and amazing characters, which makes it one of my favourite books. I also love the book because there is lots of adventure, fun, and it's an amazing world to read about!

You can get the link to the Warrior cats website here.

On the website there are lots of fun and games, as well as a way to buy the books. there are other books in the series such as -




Tuesday, 7 August 2012